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SPURS Magazine Bundle

SPURS Magazine

The SPURS Magazine bundle is a collection of three of our most popular SPURS Magazines.  Each SPURS Magazine explores in-depth some of the traits we find most mouthwatering about our men.  Are you a Butt Man?  Like your Men well Hung? Got a thing for Blondes?  Whatever you're into, the SPURS Magazine Bundle has something for everyone, at a great low price!

SPURS #13 - Blonds!  Featuring 12 Golden Males with the 24K COLT Touch!

Al Vaughn, Barry, Chris Ingram, Gavin Reed, Helmut Kross, Jim McMasters, Kelly Ross, Mark Gamble, Ralston Hale, Randy Jensen, Steve and Wes Christiansen

SPURS #15 - Men Who Are Hung!  An awesome, jaw-aching, heart-pounding line up of colossal cocks! 

Doug Weston, Tim Banik, Doug Craymer, Christopher Duran, Austin Rohr, Gavin Dillard, Toby, Billy Eld, Santana, Ron Ricks, Paul Underwood, Buddy Houston, Steve Hellman, Greg Kolb, Jerry Buckston, Ernie Johnson, Ron Biaggi

SPURS #18 - Butt Beautiful - Packed tight with plenty of hot, muscular BUTTS!

Denny, Ted, Ward Austin, Paul Zion, Mike Betts, Teddy Garr, Gary Franklin, Serge Doveck, Vince Delaney, Sharkey Curren, Matt Cromwell, Bud Carlin, Bruce Craig, Corky Sexton, Mark Edwards, Jake Tanner, Tiger, Tom Lee, Jack Pullman, Kim Rawlings, Tony Romano, Nino Scappa, Neal Howard, Andreus Stock, Roger Hickcock, Mike Timber, Toby, Paul Vaughn, Kevin Walker, Clay Winslow, Rick Wolfmier, Bob Wood, Terry Wright, Stacy

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