COLT Rewards

2009 Butt Beautiful Calendar

COLT Studio

You asked for it, you got it! Back by popular demand the 2009 Butt Beautiful calendar goes tongue and cheek! Butt enough of the puns, bring on the buns! Twelve big months of 'em! Firm, hard, smooth, chiseled, chiseled and dimpled – it's the end-all collection of the most mouth-watering COLT Man backsides you ever laid eyes on.

Mike Dasher, Brad Patton, Dan Attwood, Gage Weston, Chris Wide, Rudy Burke, Mitch Branson, Ken Ryker, Eric Valentin, Brad Patton, Ricky Parks, Doug Perry, Luke Garrett

  • Free wall size poster of COLT Man Mickey Gunz included with each 2009 calendar!
  • Full Color, Rear Nudity

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