COLT Rewards

2010 Couples Calendar

COLT Studio

The only thing better than starting a fresh new decade is to begin it with another person. Someone close. The connection may last for hours, weeks, months or even years, but nothing can equal the experience of sharing it with someone special, be it time, space or life.

Brian Cerf & Karin, Mitch Branson & Gage Weston, Carlo Masi & Adam Champ, Nikolas Hart & Jeff Rogers, John Bell & Buck Hayes, Kirby Scott & Gunnar Hyde, Brad Patton & Tom Chase, Ed Lambert & Alex Stark, Brian Cerf & Karim, Ed Dinakos & Jake Tanner, Burt Miers & Cliff Turner, Frank Vickers & Rod Kasznar, Larry Lars & Greg Kolb

  • Free Wall Size Poster of COLT Man Nate Karlton included with each 2010 Calendar!
  • Full Color, Full Nudity 

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