COLT Rewards

2010 Leather Calendar

COLT Studio

Leather!  It's more than visual... It has a special feel and a special smell.  When you see it on the chiseled body of a COLT Man you can almost smell the leather, up close and personal.  You know the feeling that leather gives him. L ooking at him gives you that feeling too.

Ali, Carl Hardwick, Jerry Haymes, Arpad Miklos, JD Amos, Mitch Gaines, Kurt Kittridge, Thor Anders, Mitch Branson, Franco Corelli, Kevin Ritchie, Rod Roddick and Lucas Di Fubbiano

  • Free Wall Size Poster of COLT Man Nate Karlton included with each 2010 Calendar
  • B&W Photography, Full Nudity

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