COLT Rewards

2012 Jocks Calendar

COLT Studio

Designed to support and protect a man's goods during strenuous activities, the athletic supporter, or jockstrap, has long been a potent symbol of male athleticism and physical prowess.  In our 2012 COLT Jocks Calendar you will find a COLT Man "Jocked Up" in every month of the year… A fetish so firmly entrenched it is not readily abandoned.

Chris Wide, Kyle Prescott, Gabriel Lenfant, Josh Weston, Ralph Hudson, Trystan Bull, John Sebastian, Brenden Cage, Park Wiley, Gage Weston, Danny Drake, Dominic Valentine and Mike Matters

  • Full Color, No Nudity (Jockstraps)
  • FREE Wall Sized Poster featuring COLT Man Nate Karlton and Samuel Colt included with each 2012 Calendar!

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