COLT Rewards

2015 Leather Calendar

COLT Studio

For men who hear the call of LEATHER…  A love for LEATHER usually represents a willingness to fearlessly explore one’s deeper sexual-psyche.  Images of COLT Men in LEATHER stir those deep urges.  If you hear that calling, the COLT Leather Calendar is for you.   Embark on a yearlong exploration of your wild side with these COLT Men in LEATHER.

Cover - Damien Stone
Inside Cover - Dirk Caber
January - John Magnum
February - Damien Stone & Brad Kalvo
March - Samuel Colt
April - Dirk Caber
May - Jake Genesis
June - Adam Champ
July - Scott Hunter
August - Bob Hager
September - Samuel Colt & Shay Michaels
October - Jessy Ares
November - Phillip Aubrey
December - Damien Stone
  • Black & White Photography, Full Nudity
  • 8.5 x 11" Wall Calendar - Unfolds to 8.5 x 22" 
  • Free Catalog and membership offer to included in each 2015 Calendar



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