COLT Rewards

2016 Leather Calendar

COLT Studio

Serious, intense, hot…. COLT Leather. Men drawn to leather demand more than just a hot body - they want the genuine experience of sexual desire that is synonymous with leather. COLT has a long tradition and a deep understanding of what it means to wear it right, so explore a deeper sense of forbidden pleasure in 2016 with the COLT Leather calendar - one month at time!

  • B&W Photography
  • Full Nudity
  • Catalog Included
  • Unfolds to 8.5" x 22" (21.59cm x 55.88cm)


January – Scott Carter

February – Adam Killian

March – Scott Hunter

April – COLT Man Bob Hager

May – Wilfried Knight

June – Phillip Aubrey

July – Damien Stone

August – Spencer Reed

September – Jake Genesis

October – Will Swagger

November – COLT Man Adam Champ

December & Cover Man – COLT Man Brian Maier

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