COLT Rewards

COLT Calendar Men #5

COLT Studio

Magnificent men and incredible photography that demands to be appreciated and admired. A collection of some of the most spectacular photographs from our world famous COLT Calendars. 

Jack Pullman, Roger Price, Nick Chase, Rick Wolfmier, Garth Roy, Emory Clark, Studs Toro, Peter Stride, Mike Timber, Jake Tanner, Marshal Klose, Roger Holtz, Cal Sinclair, John Pruitt, Don Atwood, Ray Dragon, Sherman Brill, Jarrod Parks, Neal Howard, Paul Zion, Richard Cable, Bud Carlin, Barry Sayer, Joey Arena, Terry Bunz, Terry Sanford, Lex Baldwin, Danny Lucas, Angelo Korda, Steve Kelso, Mark Bradshaw, Julian Rush

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