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COLT® Camo Bone Gag


Give yourself over to the powers that be with the Colt® Camo Bone Gag. Bask in primal moans and elevated stimulation with the pliable silicone bone shaped gag, padded vegan leather interior and heavy duty camo canvas. 

Lose yourself in submission and give yourself over to your partner's erotic whims with the biteable silicone bone. The body safe material flexes with every bite for the ultimate in comfortable restraint play. Bring your nasty fantasies to life when you wrap the double padded straps around your partner. The durable camo fabric and padded PU leatherette were designed with both comfort and control in mind. 

The erotic bone is made from a soft, food-grade silicone; To make sure the ball doesn't budge, each thoughtfully crafted gag is made with an adjustable nickel-free iron buckle enclosure. To make sure you enjoy your restraint toys for as long as possible, hand wash with soap in warm water after use and hang to dry. Store in a cool, dry location.

Measurement:  5" x 1" / 12.75cm x 2.5cm (Bone Gag)

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