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COLT Man Seth Fornea and 2015 Calendar & DVD Bundle

COLT Studio

2015 COLT Man - Seth Fornea Calendar - To buy just the calendar CLICK HERE

Red is the new blonde…  And with that said, it is with great pleasure we bring you our very own COLT Man Seth Fornea – 12 months of fiery hot sex appeal.  With his well-groomed ginger beard, light eyes, freckled alabaster skin, and bulging strong muscles, Seth really knows how to turn you on and he does so all year long in this COLT Man Calendar!  Sit back and enjoy Seth’s heat for 2015.

  • Full Color, Full Nudity
  • 8.5 x 11" Wall Calendar - Unfolds to 8.5 x 22" 
  • Free Catalog and membership offer to included in each 2015 Calendar

COLT Man Seth Fornea - RED HOT DVD - To buy just the DVD CLICK HERE

Introducing COLT Man Seth Fornea…  In this intimate portrait DVD, see our latest ginger sensation burn up the screen with special never-seen-before all-nude footage.  Four individual segments highlight this ginger bombshell in ways that will leave you begging for more - including a behind-the-scenes look at his COLT Man Calendar shoot, a sexy hot tub encounter for Legendary Bodies and a one-on-one in-depth set interview.  Seth is world renowned for his live appearances and everyone has begged to see him bare all…  Well, here’s your chance!  Red is the new blonde!


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