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COLT Mega Ass Cleanser



The COLT® Mega Ass Cleanser is the perfect start to all adventurous backdoor play.  Each enema kit includes an EZ squeeze bulb and a slim detachable applicator tip.  The easy-to-use bulb gives you total control over water flow and stimulation, while the plump applicator tip stimulates your hole during your deep cleansing session.  Our probe is slim enough to accommodate almost any experience level.  With over 14 ounces of cleaning power, this powerful bulb is ready for your next mega backdoor adventure. 

Use Instructions:  After choosing your application tip, fill the bulb with lukewarm water by submerging the bulb into a bowl or basin to allow you to control how much water is in the bulb.  When filled, apply lubricant to tip and once fully inserted, squeeze the bulb slowly to let water flow.  Be gentle and repeat process until the water runs clear.

  • 3.5" x 6" / 9cm x 15.25cm (Bulb)
  • 5" x 0.5" / 12.75cm x 1.25cm (Probe)

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