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COLT Hairy Chested Men Playing Cards


The COLT Hairy Chested Men Playing Cards feature images from our world famous annual Hairy Chested Men Calendars!  Here's your chance to place a bet on having all of these super hot COLT Men at your fingertips.  No Bluffing!

Sailor Brother, Franco Correlli, Babycakes, Jerry Haymes, Wade Neff, Randy Nash, Mike Pereyra, Moose, Pete Kuzak, Wade Neff, Jerry Haymes, Ray Dragon, Vito Cesari, Mike West, Mike Hams, Harry Cribbs, John Pruitt, Anthony Page, Rick Prize, Andrew Berlin, Paul Barresi, Carl Hardwick, Tony Mills, Joe Nyland
Anthony Page, Brett Hayward, Dave Sansone, Franco Arbruzzi, Ryan Hayward, Spike Maynard, Gunner Hyde, Casey Moran, Mike West, Marshal Cline, Jesse, Ditmar, Doug Reed, Charlie O'Connor, Rick Koch, Tony Lombardy, Dave Angelo, Eric Korngold, Cole Faulkner, David Gold, Tom Chase, Ali, Brett Hayward, Steve Kelso, and Ryan Kilgore.


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