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COLT Rewards

COLT Leather Men Playing Cards


Featuring COLT Leather Men from past to present!  Here's your chance to place a bet on having super hot COLT Leather Men at your fingertips.  No Bluffing!

Pat Webb, Doug Reed, Beau Wheeler, Hal Rodman, Scotty Kerr, Tom Chase, Dick Huge, Tom Lee, Tony Mills, Wade Neff, Tony Lombardy, Jason Brahm, Eric Lang, Tom Howard, Jerry Buckston, Mark Gamble, Andrea Clementi, Loren Marks, Al Shouieb, Alex Stark, Patrick Fuller,Neal Howard, Jesse Ditmar, Tom Scully,, Glen Steers, Rio Majeska, Mark Christian, Loren Marks, Mark Pereyra, Scott Butcher, Dennis Cox, Chet O’Roark, Ed Ventresca, Ali, Andrew Berlin, Marshal Cline, Dave Angelo, BabyCakes (Trent Fosters), Leo Bramm, Cannon, Zak Spears, Elian Cortez, Matt Cromwell, Mike Dasher, Nick DiPalma, Ray Dragon, Skip Piston and Thor Anders


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