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BEAR (noun) - A large land roaming mammal with a taste for raw meat. Having massive muscled bodies covered in fur with an affinity with all things rugged. Grizzlies, Cubs, Black Bears, Daddy Bears, Otters, Muscle Bears and Bulls. A person who shows great ability, enthusiasm, stamina, etc. Bears come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all have that rugged, masculine appeal that fits right in here at COLT. Get ready to get Mauled.

Scene 1 - COLT Man Bob Hager tops COLT Man Aaron Cage - Ever wonder what Bears really do in the woods? Chopping wood in the hot summer sun, our newest COLT Man Bob Hager needs little more than a jock strap and his hefty ax to get the job done. Furry Muscle-Bear and COLT Man Aaron Cage watches, stroking his bulge and enjoying the sights and sounds of a hot sweaty man at work. Bob takes a break from his work and invites Aaron over to work on a different kind of wood. Aaron gets down on his knees and devours Bob’s Bear-Meat. Furry beards, hairy torsos and big hard cocks come together as these burly men eat each other up. 

Aaron turns and offers Bob a manly helping of his hot hairy ass. Bob dives right in and a taste of that ass makes him hungry for more. Poking and probing that hot hole, Bob takes the plunge. Grunts and groans fill the air as Aaron takes a long hard pounding. In the blazing hot sun they fuck like hungry animals. Bob is oozing cum until the moment he explodes all over Aarons thick muscled back. With the cum still dripping down his back, Aaron works his meat with his thick paw, spraying a thick ball draining load. 


Scene 2 - Roman Wright tops Marko Lebeau - Hard work and hard play is how these bears roll. While unloading a pick-up truck full of brush, Muscle- Cub Marko Lebeau gives Black Grizzly-Bear Roman Wright some heavy signals. With his bulging crotch at Roman’s eye level, Marko grabs and strokes his growing cock, giving Roman a hard stare. Roman gives a big smile and helps himself to a grope. With all the brush unloaded, Roman moves in for a welcomed play break.

Stripping off Marko’s skimpy shorts, Roman feasts on that rock hard cock. Pulling out his own hefty meat Roman Climbs up on the truck bed and gives this cute cub a feeding. And when his swollen cock is fully juiced, Roman helps himself to some of that furry, beefy butt. Marko’s ass gets licked, probed and fingered as Roman gets that hole ready for a pounding.

Using the truck bed to their advantage, Marko lays on his back with is ass off the end of the truck, giving Roman the perfect angle to drive his big, black cock deep. Roman punishes that muscled ass as the heat between them builds. Climbing up into the back of the truck Roman lets cubby take a ride his Daddy cock. Marko is rock hard and stroking as he takes a joy ride on that thick meaty pole. Just as he is about

to blow he stands up and hammers out a thick and juicy load all over Roman’s muscled and furry chest. Feeling that hot cum spray sets Roman off, unleashing his own steamy hot load. 

Scene 3 - Josh West tops COLT Man Aaron Cage - A bear’s work is never done. As COLT Man Aaron Cage hauls firewood he works up a mean sweat. Stripping off his tank top he takes a break. Showing off his hot furry chest he reaches in and opens up his jeans to reveal ever more hot fur. Taking his cock in hand Aaron plans to really take a load off.

Meanwhile, rugged Daddy-Bear Josh West waits at the wood pile for Aaron to return with some fresh wood. When he realizes Aaron has been gone a long time he whistles out to call Aaron back to the wood pile. Aaron hastily returns hauling fresh wood, with an extra hard piece bulging out of his jeans. When Josh realizes what’s been distracting Aaron, he offers to join in the fun.

It’s fur on fur as these two horny men grope and grab at each other, taking turns as they feed on each other. Aaron gets more than a mouthful when he reaches in for a helping of Josh’s monster bear cock. A giant cock like that deserves expert service, and Aaron is more than capable. Josh enjoys the service so much he rewards Aaron with a searing hot fuck.

Bending him over a bale of hay, Josh takes that furry muscle butt. His long hard cock splits Aaron in two. Flipping Aaron over on his back, Josh dives in deep and to the hilt, fucking the daylights out of Aaron’s hot hole. Aaron strokes his aching cock as his ass is punished. When both guys are ready to explode they stand side by side and shoot together, dripping in sweat and spraying cum from their swollen cocks. 

Scene 4 - COLT Man Marc Vallint tops Bronson Gates - A bear’s life isn’t all hard work. A quiet lull in the day finds muscle bull Mac Vallint enjoying some rest in the sun. Idle hands soon find themselves very busy as Marc’s meaty bulge screams for some attention. Stripping away his shirt and pulling out his cock, Marc soon attracts some hot company. As if attracted to the scent of man-meat, rugged muscle-bear Bronson Gates arrives on the scene and circles in on his prey.

Bronson gets his paws on some of that thick muscled fur as he feeds Marc his rock hard cock. Leaning back with a cock in his mouth, Marc’s thick body looks so hot that Bronson has to get himself a taste. Going down he devours Marc’s thick meaty cock as Marc reaches around for a handful of Bronson’s hot bare-ass.

Stripping off the last bits of clothes these guys really eat each other up. Turning his attention back to Bronson’s hot muscled butt, Marc dives his face right in. Licking and probing that hot ass until it’s begging for more. Bending over a stump Bronson braces himself for a pounding. Marc thrust his cock in balls deep and from the first thrust it’s an all-out power-fuck. Getting down on all fours on the grass, Bronson takes it hard. Pummeling that ass makes Marc’s balls ache for release. Fucking himself to the tipping point Marc pulls out and gushes his load on Bronson’s arched back. And when his balls are drained he squats his ass down on Bronson’s face, giving Bronson that extra inspiration to help him shoot a nut buster. 

  • Directed by Kristofer Weston.
  • TRT of 93 mins on one disc.  Region Free.  Special Climax Reel and Previews.