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What is it?

COLT Rewards is an easy-to-use loyalty program that gives our valued customers the opportunity to earn discounts on the items they want most. COLT Rewards members earn discount coupon codes, which can be used like CASH toward all purchases at COLTstudiostore.com. COLT Rewards are earned for signing up, writing reviews, for all purchases made on COLTstudiostore.com and more! The savings add up fast, they are easy to use and BEST OF ALL...IT'S FREE!  JOIN NOW!

You can also earn rewards by...

Every purchase can be shared with friends on Facebook or Twitter. If a friend uses your link to place an order, you earn 5% in CREDIT for the total of their purchases.

Earn a 5% OFF COUPON right NOW! Go to COLTstudiostore.com and look for the widget in the bottom left corner.
Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and earn a 5% OFF COUPON on the spot. (Widget only seen when not logged in).

How does it work?

Just follow these 4 simple steps:

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Tips & Tricks

- To get the most BANG FOR YOUR BUCK, save up your COLT Rewards and click 'claim' when you are ready to order.
- You can always go back to your account to view your current rewards and any unused coupon codes.
- COPY AND PASTE all coupon codes so that you will have it ready for when you order. Doing this ensures you enter the code correctly when checking out.
- Only one coupon code may be used per order.

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