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Buckshot Productions



A lakeside summer BBQ, hot young boys all packing some major meat… the perfect recipe for hot and sizzling summer fun. The mountain air is intoxicating as these young men lose themselves in what can only be described as BOY COUNTRY!

Scene 1 – Bobby Clark tops David West - Get out your rod, your bait and tackle, because there’s plenty of action to catch when Buckshot newbies David West and Bobby Clark take the boat out on the lake for a lazy afternoon of half-naked fishing.  Talk about ‘smoke on the water’.    

When the fish don’t bite these boys find a better way to pass the time.   Cute and frisky David can’t keep his hands off blonde muscle boy Bobby.  Before they can even get the boat back to dock, the clothes have been shed and the action is well underway. 

The fishing poles have been put away but the rods have been sprung.  Taking turns these guys slurp and swallow every inch of each other.  Tight and toned bodies locked in a boy-on-boy suck fest.  The boat really begins to rock when Bobby dives his dick deep into David’s tight sexy butt.   Pounding that sweet boy ass to an explosive climax makes enough noise to scare away any fish… but these boys definitely won’t be going hungry. 

Scene 2 – Matthias Vannelli tops Arthur Gordon - A crowd of young Buckshot studs gather for a summertime bar-b-cue, but the sexual tension between sexy Arthur Gordon and super hunk Matthais Vannelli is creating too much heat.   All eyes follow as these guys break away from the crowd for some one-on-one guy action down by the water.

Tight bubble butts and raging hard cocks are greedily devoured in the glorious summer sun.   Bent over a nearby rock Arthur gets his firm muscle-butt eaten and plowed.  Matthais splits that ass like a chisel through stone, pentrating his spike deep into Arthur’s tough and hungry butt.  Rock hard muscles, raging hard cocks… it’s hard to tell where the rock ends and the flesh begins.  

Scene 3 – Colton Steele bottoms for Trystian Sweet - Meanwhile, back at the bar-b-cue there’s plenty more sexual tension in the air as adorable Trystian Sweet plays a flirty game of eye tag with rough and ready Colton Steele.  They slip away from the crowd quick and easily.  Finding a nearby swing they take advantage of their new-found privacy to get to know each other much more intimately.

Before long, Colton finds himself swinging on Trystian’s long and hard cock, getting it juiced up and ready for a real ride.  Using the swing like a sling these boys climb up and feed each other withtheir mouth watering cocks and cute munch-able asses.   

Trystian shows he isn’t so Sweet as he mercilessly fucks the daylight out of Colton’s hot manly ass.   It’s a butt-slapping, dick-drilling ride on the swing for these two hunks… and for a ride like that it’s worth a little rope burn. 

Scene 4 – Andrew Blue & Guy Parker (flip flop) - The gathering of hotties comes to a close as host Guy Parker thanks his sexy young guests for coming to the bar-b-cue.  But one stud isn’t quite ready to leave just yet.   Andrew stays behind to thank the host, up close and personal. 

As Andrew playfully pulls a handful of boy meat from his shorts Guy finds he still has an appetite for meaty juicy cock.    Andrew and Guy feast on their swollen pulsing dicks, servicing each other and getting in their last extra licks.   

Andrew shows his gratitude and generously thanks his host by bending him over the picnic table for a long and sensuous fuck.  Guy takes in the long hard inches of cock and enjoys the late afternoon fuck.  He returns the favor and shows his guest what real hospitality is all about and he pile-drives his dick deep into Andrews eager ass.   It’s huge and creamy loads for desert for these two hot and sexy boys.  

  • Directed by Kristofer Weston.
  • TRT of 95 mins on one disc.  Region Free.  Special Climax Reel, Photo Galleries and Previews.