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Working and playing hard in the vineyards of wine country, the boys of Buckshot are ripe and ready for the picking. The juices flow and your cup will runneth over as hung and horny young men indulge in their lustful appetites. Director Kristofer Weston has handpicked a fresh batch of young, buffed studs that are sure to please even the most sophisticated of palettes. Enjoy these Buckshot boys Fresh Off the Vine.

Scene 1 - Hayden Stephens tops Gavin Waters - Time passes slowly in wine country.  As the grapes slowly ripen on the vine, Buckshot stud Hayden Stephens finds he has a whole lot of time on his hands.  Wandering through the maze of the vineyard he finds himself an out of the way spot to enjoy his favorite pastime… playing with his huge, hard cock. 

Before long, Hayden attracts a fellow wanderer.  As new-cumer Gavin Waters passes by, he catches a glimpse of that monster tool.  Slowly drawing closer, Gavin moves in and gives this well hung stud a helping hand… and then some.   

Stripping down and stroking that thick piece of meat, Gavin settles in and gets down on his knees for a long, slow session of dedicated cock worship.  

Out in the fresh open air of the vineyard, the juices flowing as they suck on each other’s big fat dicks, munching on Gavin’s sweet tight ass… all of this puts top-stud Hayden in the mood to fuck.  

He breaks that boy butt open with his thick ass-splitting cock.  Taking it hard and deep from behind and then riding it hard from above, Gavin lets his hot ass do all the talking.  He rides that cock as he jacks himself off to an explosive, cum gushing finish.  And as a reward for all that hard fucking, Hayden shoots a big fat load, right in Gavin’s cum-lapping face.  

Scene 2 - Topher DiMaggio tops Devon Hunter - Long summer days with plenty of hot summer sun, the perfect climate for growing the perfect grapes.    It’s also the perfect recipe for a lazy day of hot naked fun in the pool. 

Buckshot Buddies Topher DiMaggio and Devon Hunter enjoy the lazy pace of summer as they bask in the sun, enjoying the cool water of the pool, some chilled wine and each other’s hot naked bodies.  Feeling so good, Topher reaches out and indulges himself a heaping handful of Devon’s hot bubble butt.   Stripping away Devon’s bathing suit, Topher gives his buddy full service, relaxation treatment, including a sensuous massage, a slow and sloppy blow-job and some hot teasing of Devon’s tight boy hole. 

Intoxicated by the glorious combination of sun, wine and hot sex, Devon returns the favor and gives Topher’s long, hard cock some much needed love.    Licking, sucking and stroking Topher’s big piece of meat, Devon gets that cock rock hard and ready for some serious fucking.  Getting into position Devon lets his hot ass take care of satisfying that hard and throbbing cock.

A slow and steady fuck rhythm slowly builds steam as Topher plows deeper and harder with every thrust.   Jacking Devon’s raging hard cock he continues to drill and plow that hot boy-hole as Devon groans with delight.   The tension slowly builds, taking them to the edge and ready to blow.   Devon lets it all go, jacking every last drop from his cum swollen balls as his ass continues to get plowed.  After his boy has had his moment in the sun, Topher lets loose his own cum gushing release.   Drenched and drained these guys settle in and enjoy the feel good vibes of summer. 

Scene 3 - Brandon Bangs tops Micah Andrews - After a heavy downpour of rain, the vineyard air is charged with electricity.  Letting it all hang out on the poolside patio, muscle-stud Brandon Bangs kicks back with his rock hard cock in hand.  Micah Andrews happens to catch a glimpse of the action and offers to help his horny friend get some relief.   Micah gets right to work on that long hard cock giving it some deep throat attention.  Brandon moans his approval as his monster cock is well taken care of.

Brandon gives Micah a taste of his own medicine when he gulps down on a mouthful of that hot boy boner. Then Brandon takes charge, stripping his boy down and munching on that tight sweet hole.   He takes that ass, first with his probing tongue and then with his massive fuck-tool.   Groans fill the steamy air as Brandon drills, pounds and power-fucks Micah’s hot little ass.   Micah takes a pounding in every ass splitting position Brandon puts him in, jacking his throbbing cock all the while.  As his ass gets drilled Micah gushes a big load, sending Brandon over the edge.   One after the other these guys pound out a deep and satisfying cum load of relief.

Scene 4 - Cameron Marshall tops Tucker Vaughn - It’s another long summer day in the vineyard with plenty of time to enjoy the good life.  Cameron Marshall joins his buddy Tucker Vaughn on the patio, two big glasses of wine in hand and ready to catch some rays.  Cameron offers Tucker a chilled glass of vino but first insists his buddy strip off those big bulky shorts.    Tucker gives in, strips down to his bathing suit and kicks back in his tight skimpy bathing suit.   Cameron likes the view and grabbing his hard cock he suggests they have a little fun.   Tucker agrees as he joins his buddy on the lounge chair, helping himself to a mouthful of Cameron’s hard juicy dick.    Kicking back, Cameron is treated to a blistering hot session of deep throated cock worship. 

Sucking and stroking each other’s hard glistening cocks, sun drenched naked bodies turn up the heat as Cameron turns his attention to Tuckers sweet ass.   Spreading those legs Cameron exposes Tuckers hot hole, licking and probing, making that fuck hole hungry for his cock. 

Pressing the tip of his throbbing cock into that hot hole, Cameron glides it in for a long and passionate fuck.   Tucker spreads his hot ass wide and takes a hard fuck, every thrust driven deep to the hilt.   Getting up on top, Tucker grinds his ass down on that fuck pole, riding that cock all the way home   With groans of pleasure he pounds out a deep and satisfying load, spraying a wet refreshing load all over himself.   Juices ready to flow, Cameron joins in on the nut busting fun and unleashes a drenching load of his own.   

With these Boys tending to the vineyard, it’s sure to be an excellent year. 

  • Directed by Kristofer Weston.