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Digital COLT Leather 2021 Calendar

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This digital version of the 2021 COLT Leather Calendar is available in PDF format now.

There has always been a close relationship between COLT Men and Leather.  The synergy of rugged leather adorning the hard muscular bodies of COLT Men causes a primal stir in the loins of any red-blooded man.  Wearing their lust like a second skin these COLT Men show off leather the way it’s meant to be worn.  In 2021 be sure to explore your wild side and share the journey with 12 months of COLT Men dressed for the occasion. 


Cover man Axel, Philip Aubrey, Samuel Colt, John Magnum, Will Swagger, Scott Carter, Nate Karlton, Armando, Jake Genesis, Dean Phoenix, Scott Hunter, Jessy Ares and Shay Michael.

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