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COLT Expander Plug - Large


Do you want to expand your hole to new larger horizons of STRETCH and PLEASURE? Then check out the COLT Expander Plug.

This tapered, flexible anal plug features an 'opening design' meaning it expands when squeezed closed. Its smooth, seamless and made from gorgeous material which works well with any lube of your choice - though we always recommend water based for anal expansion.

Use the COLT® Expander Plug with our COLT® Slick Lube to heighten sensitivity and increase pleasure!

- Pliable and durable plug
- Flared design for a tight fit
- Easy to insert and remove
- Exclusive inter-locking design
- Smooth and seamless

Closed - 

5” x 2.5” (12.75 cm x 6.25 cm)
Open - 

5” x 3.75” (12.75 cm x 9.5 cm)

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