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BuckleRoos Premium Collector's Edition is a 3-disc special digi-pak presentation of the award winning BuckleRoos western epic.  BuckleRoos takes place around a historical COLT Silverado belt buckle and the magic of the Man in Black played by superstar Zak Spears.  Follow Dean Phoenix as 'Kick' and Marcus Iron as 'Jed' as they travel through their own discoveries of friendship, hot man-on-man sex and true love.  ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT IN STOCK AND ONCE THEY RUN OUT, THEY'RE GONE FOREVER!

Disc 1 - BuckleRoos Part I

Scene 1- Dean Phoenix tops Josh Hardman; Scene 2 - Marcus Iron tops Todd Maxwell; Scene 3 - Brad Benton, Diego De La Hoya & Owen Hawk (3-Way, Flip/Flop); Scene 4 -Arpad Miklos & Ricky Martinez; Scene 5 - Marcus Iron, Dean Phoenix, Sam Shadon, Jake Andrews, Edu Boxer, Chris Wide & Mike Dasher

Disc 2 - BuckleRoos Part II

Scene 1 - Hank Locklear, Dean Phoenix & Dave Angelo; Scene 2 - Marcus Iron, Timmy Thomas and Sammy Case (3-Way, Flip/Flop); Scene 3 - Andrew Rubio & Ty Hudson; Scene 4 - Owen Hawk tops Jason Kennedy; Scene 5 - Marcus Iron & Dean Phoenix (Flip/Flop)

Disc 3 - eXposed: The Making of a Legend - Director's Cut

  • Bonus Scene (50 minutes) Zak Spears tops COLT Man Carlo Masi. See Carlo have full-on sex for the very first time on screen.  Plus a 45-minute behind-the-scenes documentary of The Making of BuckleRoos.
  • Directed by John Rutherford and Jerry Douglas.

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