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Buckshot Boys Digital 2017 Calendar

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This digital version of the 2017 Buckshot Boys calendar is available in PDF format now.

Celebrating our 50th year we bring you our very own Buckshot Boys Calendar.  A Buckshot Boy is the boy next door, the one playing football down the street, or the one with the sly smile that catches your eye.  These boys have an indefensible charm that can melt even the sternest of character. We challenge you here to resist the charms of our 13 young Buckshot boys for 2017.

Cover -Bobby Clark

Inside Cover – John Magnum

January – Brandon Bangs

February – Gavin Waters

March – Jay Roberts

April – Benjamin Bradley

May – Damon Audigier

June – Tory Mason

July – Zach Alexander

August -  Christopher Daniels

September – Valentin Petrov

October – Marc Dylan

November – Steve Vex

December – Bobby Clark

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  • In case you lost your download link, you can find it again HERE.

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