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COLT Butt Beautiful Digital 2017 Calendar

COLT Studio Group

This digital version of the 2017 Butt Beautiful calendar is available in PDF format now.

Gluteus Maximus for a half a century.  Since 1967 the finest examples of this brilliant muscle on a man’s body are on display here in 13 different shapes and sizes, all of them sterling presentations of a COLT Man’s beautiful ass-et.  Enjoy!

Cover - COLT Man Seth Fornea

Inside Cover – COLT Man Nate Karlton

January – COLT Man Nate Karlton

February – COLT Man Edu Boxer

March – COLT Man Luke Garrett

April – Ty Lebeouf

May – COLT Man Mitch Branson

June – COLT Man Bob Hager

July – Dirk Caber

August – COLT Man Danny Drake

September – COLT Man Karl Kasper

October – Roman Wright

November – COLT Man Brenden Cage

December – COLT Man Seth Fornea

  • You need Acrobat Viewer to view.  Download for free HERE.
  • These Digital Downloads are not eligible for refunds or store credit - All sales are final
  • In case you lost your download link, you can find it again HERE.

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