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COLT Calendar Men Digital Magazine #10 - Icons

COLT Calendar Men Digital Magazine #10 - Icons is a full-color digital compilation of major highlights from various COLT Calendars which features some of our most iconic COLT Men from over our 50+ years in PDF downloadable format.

Features COLT Men Icons:  Steve Kelso, Mike West, Carl Hardwick, Jerry Haymes, Jeff Williams, Taylor Burbank, Tom Chase, Anthony Page, Tony Mills, Coe Faulkner, Mack Boudreau, Rudy Burke, Spike Maynard, Mark Christian, John Pruitt, Franco Arbruzzi, Andrew Berlin, Roger Hickock, JD Amos, Boyd Hanson, Peter Lovette, Dusty Manning, David Hubble, Link Benedict, Roger Price, Haus, Pete Kuzak, Kevin Ritchie, Gavin Blake, Martin Kramer, Terry DeLong, Alain Gerard, Joe Reitano, Fred Slinger, Dick Huge, Tony Lombardy, Dave Sansone, Doug Perry, Thor Anders, Rio Majeska, Rick Koch, Tony Ganz, Franco Corelli, Don Arden and Chet O’Roark.

  • You need Acrobat Viewer to view.  Download for free HERE.
  • These Digital Downloads are not eligible for refunds or store credit - All sales are final
  • In case you lost your download link, you can find it again HERE.

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