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COLT Calendar Men Digital Magazine #11 - Leather

COLT Calendar Men Digital Magazine #11 - Leather is a full-color digital compilation of major highlights from various COLT Calendars which features some of our most iconic COLT Men from over our 52+ years in PDF downloadable format.

Features COLT Men Icons:  Cover man Walt Ford, Pete Kuzak, Mike Pereyra, Joe Falco, Mark Alexander, Haus, Neal Howard, Nick Dipalma, Franco Corelli, Joel Hancock, Tony Mills, Beau Wheeler, Pat Webb, Ed Ventresca, Mike West, Skip Piston, Tom Chase, Erik Korngold, Buddy Houston, Ken Ryker, Buck Hayes, John Bell, Tony Lombardy, Jake Andrews, Wade Neff, Rod Roddick, Rio Majeska, Jesse Ditmar, Jake Tanner, Chet O’Roark, Mike Dasher, Billy Herrington, Marshall Cline, Todd Maxwell, Jason Brahm, Carlo Masi, Nick Battle, Scott Butcher, Frank Vickers, Link Benedict, Gus Mattox, Ray Dragon, Diego De La Hoya, Zak Spears, Gunner Hyde, Paul Underwood, Bruce Abidor, Matt Horner, Fritz Bowman, Tony Ganz, Taylor Burbank, Jeff Williams, JD Amos and Brant Royale.

  • You need Acrobat Viewer to view.  Download for free HERE.
  • These Digital Downloads are not eligible for refunds or store credit - All sales are final
  • In case you lost your download link, you can find it again HERE.

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