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COLT Digital 50TH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM #2 - Leather

The COLT Digital 50TH ANNIVERSARY ALBUM #2 - Leather

Since 1967 COLT Studio has been setting the standard in masculinity, showing the male physique in all its glory.    The world has changed a lot over the last 50+ years, but what hasn’t changed is COLT’s dedication to providing you with the world’s hottest and strongest men…  COLT Men are what dreams are made of.

In celebration of our anniversary, we have put together a brand-new set of digital magazines dedicated to the rich history of our COLT Men.    Our 50th Anniversary Albums show you exactly what you want to see and much, much more.    Our second installment, Part 2 - LEATHER, brings into focus those men who are living and breathing their sexy lives in and out of leather.

Whether you like em’ hairy or smooth, bulging muscles or lean and ripped…  We can all agree that there’s nothing quite like a man sporting the likes of leather and looking oh, so confident doing so.  These men have what it takes and they know exactly how to wear it.    Why not find out for yourself?  

Follow along as we offer you the legendary equipment of legendary COLT Men, such as Mark Christian, Chris Ingram, Jesse Ditmar, Adam Champ, Tom Chase, Erick Korngold, Dick Huge, Alain Gerard, Samuel Colt, Tony Ganz, Joe Falco, Mark Alexander and Ryan Hayward.

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