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COLT Hung Digital 2020 Calendar

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This digital version of the 2020 COLT Hung calendar is available in PDF format now.

We here at COLT could not resist bringing back this best-selling calendar and putting our COLT Men’s strongest feature’s up front and center.  So, we asked many of you to send us your favorites from recent years and these are your choices….  We present to you here 13 examples of COLT Men large and in charge…. Enjoy!


Cover man Mike Matters along with Adam Killian, Jason Kingsley, Antton Harri, Kristian Alvarez, Dean Phoenix, Trenton Ducati, Vin Marco, Giovanni Floretto, Paddy O'Brian, Brad Patton, Gage Weston, and Tom Chase.

  • You need Acrobat Viewer to view.  Download for free HERE.
  • These Digital Downloads are not eligible for refunds or store credit - All sales are final
  • In case you lost your download link, you can find it again HERE.

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