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COLT Leather Digital 2018 Calendar

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This digital version of the 2018 Leather calendar is available in PDF format now.

Leather is a way of life.  No one knows this better than us...  The aroma, the touch, the look and the restraint – it is all-encompassing and not for the faint of heart.  It is a way of life and a special bond between men who feel the beat of their sexuality within them.  Gentlemen, we urge you to explore your deepest desires each and every month this year with our special 13 COLT Leather men presented here.

Cover – Spencer Reed

Inside Cover – COLT Man Brian Maier

January – COLT Man Carlo Masi

February – Scott Hunter

March – COLT Man Dean Phoenix

April – Jessy Ares

May – Samuel Colt

June – Scott Carter

July – Adam Killian

August – COLT Man Nate Karlton

September – Marc Dylan

October – Jake Genesis

November – Wilfried Knight

December – Spencer Reed

  • You need Acrobat Viewer to view.  Download for free HERE.
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For the hardcover version of this calendar CLICK HERE.

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