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COLT Men Digital 2017 Calendar

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This digital version of the 2017 Men calendar is available in PDF format now.

COLT Men have been the foundation of COLT Studio for a half a century - Consistently, since 1967 we have presented the finest examples of the world’s most masculine and charismatic specimens of men.  This year is no different, and our photo editors have assembled 13 prime examples of COLT masculinity for your pleasure in 2017.  Enjoy!

Cover - COLT Man Jamie Blyton

Inside Cover – Paddy O'Brian

January – COLT Man Gregory Nemov

February – Tristan Bull

March – COLT Man Chris Wide

April – Gabriel Lenfant

May – COLT Man Mitch Branson

June – COLT Man Mike Matters

July – COLT Man Leo

August – COLT Man Alex Chambers

September – COLT Man Luke Garrett

October – COLT Man John Sebastian

November – Paddy O'Brian

December – COLT Man Jamie Blyton

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  • These Digital Downloads are not eligible for refunds or store credit - All sales are final
  • In case you lost your download link, you can find it again HERE.

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