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Digital COLT 50 Book

COLT Studio Group

** ALL-NEW **

The Digital COLT 50 Book is a 156 page retrospective PDF formatted book that highlights and celebrates the handsome COLT Men that were selected to step in front of our cameras over five decades from 1967 to 2021. 

Featuring COLT Men:  Coverman Pete Kuzak, Axel, Joe Reitano, Peter Quinn, Jamie Blyton, Tony Mills, Moose, Spencer Reed, Peter Lovette, Dave Lash, Chris Ingram, Tom Harnett, Big Max, Mike Davis, Dirk Caber, Brian Naylor, Haus, Karim, Jose, Bo Goldman, Dallas Flynn, Tim Rawling, Vic Rocco, Jessy Ares, Ken Marcus, Bob Hager, Hank Ditmar, Jesse Ditmar, JD Amos, Don Atwood, Bob Ashbrook, Mitch Branson, Mario Garza, Joe Nyland, Tony Lombardy, Mike Landis, Nate Karlton, Damien Stone, Kyle Jessup, Skip Piston, Chet O'Roark, Buck Hayes, Shay Michaels, Wilfried Knight, Brian Maier, Buck Santiago, Byron Hawkwood, Rod Kasznar, Brian Casey, Jason Braham, Mark Callahan, John Magnum, John Sebastian, Valentin Sequin, Big Bill Eld, Ken Orsino, Adam Hammer, Thor Anders, Paul Andros, Samuel Colt, Trent Locke, Link Benedict, Sam Dekker, Mike Matters, Harley Cantrell, Paul Barresi, Seth Fornea, George Dana, Scott Carter, Ace Carponi, Tom Wolfe, Gabriel Lenfant, Josh West, Vince Lambert, Don Arden, Rusty Baldwin, Terry Delong, Brad Kalvo, Bruce Abidor, Marshall Cline, Trystan Bull, Mitch Gaines, Aaron Cage, Joey Arena, Sean Lawrence, Carl Hardwick, Bruce Morgan, Babycakes, Leo, Franco Arbruzzi, Jake Genesis, Judd Cooper, Armando, Gavin Blake, Bruno Duarte, Adam Champ, Brenden Cage and Dallas Steel.

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