Get Your 2017 Desktop Calendars!

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Let a COLT Man Warm You Up!

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Check out our all-new styles from the COLT Collection apparel line...  We have two new COLT Hoodie styles and two new COLT Tee styles in a multitude of color choices!

Above COLT Men are Bob Hager and Luke Garrett!


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New T-Shirts with New Designs and New Colors!

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Our new COLT Collection designs and colors are HERE now!  Be the best looking COLT Man on the block!  Check em' out...

COLT Men photo above from left to right are:  COLT Men Chris Wide, Bob Hager and Chris Wide again.  

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New COLT Men iPhone Cases and More!

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Get your very own COLT Man up close to your ear now with our all-new COLT iPhone Cases HERE!

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Get Your Muscle Nips Pumped like a COLT Man!

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Now you too can have COLT Man muscle nips with our all-new COLT Muscle Nips Pump System HERE!

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2017 Calendars are IN STOCK and SHIPPING NOW!

Posted on September 01, 2016 by John Rutherford | 0 comments

Get yours now before they sell out HERE!

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Pre-Order Your 2017 Calendars Now!

Posted on August 31, 2016 by John Rutherford | 0 comments

Be the first on your block to own your COLT and Buckshot calendars for 2017!  Celebrate our 50th year next year with these 6 amazing specimens of the world's most masculine men...

Click HERE to get yours now!

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