NEW COLT Man with New DVD!

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All-New COLT Minute Man Solo Series DVD In-House and Ready to Ship!

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Scene 1 – Damien Stone Damien Stone is a thick and hairy BRUISER staking out his territory in the woods. His furry muscled butt is on full display as he struts around sporting an all-new COLT Collection Jock BRIEF. Settling down on a stool Damien takes some time to appreciate his own man scent and his thick, hard muscles. Showing off his hot and hairy body, Damien takes out his prized BEEF, his long hard cock and begins a hot and heavy stroke session. Lubed-up and throbbing, Damien jackhammers his thick and juicy dick until a white hot load erupts.

Scene 2 – Tony Orion Young but street-wise BRUISER Tony Orion sets his sexy stare on you as he shows off his hot muscled body. Groping his bulge and lifting his shirt, Tony reveals a body adorned in dark hair and ripped with muscles. His COLT Collection briefs popping out of his jeans reflect his cocky attitude and smoldering sex appeal. Taking out his thick dick Tony squeezes the tip and teases us with a taste of his own sweet pre-cum. Stripping down Tony turns to show is us his hot and furry ass, spreading those firm cheeks and revealing his hot and hairy manhole. Getting down to business Tony strokes his meat like a man in heat, until a thick load of relief shoots from his gushing cock.

Scene 3 – Sebastian Rossi Laying out in the tall grass, muscle-pup Sebastian Rossi spreads out on his towel wearing his COLT Collection Jock Brief. Showing off the Jock Brief's best asset, Sebastian takes full advantage of the easy access to his favorite pleasure zone. With his fingers probing, Sebastian explores his muscled ass and his hot twitching hole, taking his sweet time and getting himself all worked up. Needing some release Sebastian unleashes his thick uncut tool, stroking his foreskin and milking up a steady flow of pre-cum. Rising up on his knees Sebastian beats his hard meat with a fierce intensity, jackhammering his throbbing cock until his man juice erupts.

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