Get Your Pride On!

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COLT Man Seth Fornea in All-New COLT Tees...

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The All-New COLT Collection designed and manufactured by Timoteo here in the USA. 

COLT Property Tee - Black


COLT Property Tee - Grey


To see a lot more of Seth visit!

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All-New COLT Collection T-Shirts are In Stock and Ready to Ship Now!

Posted on January 09, 2014 by John Rutherford | 1 comment

Yes, that's right... They're coming in from our designer and manufacturer Timoteo Studio in Los Angeles California. Click HERE to see what we have ready to ship worldwide now!

Wanna look like a COLT Man? Well, here's your chance to show of your muscles and wear the COLT Man brand loud and proud! Click HERE to see all of our COLT Collection apparel.  

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